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The hills of Valdobbiadene are the perfect location for an agritourism which is tightly bonded to the local wine and food, such as Vedova Agritourism. This is where the famous Prosecco, appreciated by wine experts, is produced. Valdobbiadene, with its hills covered with vineyards, offers vistors amazing panoramic views. The climate is fresh and breezy also in summer.

What to visit?


25 km away from Valdobbiadene, there is Asolo, a wonderful small town included in the Club of the Italian nicest hystorical villages. One of the most precious art piece in town is the Cathedral, where you can find an important painting of Lorenzo Lotto, one of the main artists of the Italian Renaissance. Other places to see are the Loggia della Ragione, the Duse Theater and the Beltramini Palace.

What to visit?


Bassano del Grappa is 28 km away from Valdobbiadene. The city is famous for its architecture, including castles, palaces and villas, for nature beauties and wine and food specialities.
Among its attractions, the Ponte Vecchio (Old bridge) is worth a visit: designed by famous architect Palladio in 1567, it was destroyed during Second World War and then re-built as original.

What to visit?


35 km away from Valdobbiadene you can find Vittorio Veneto, rich in beautiful churches, monuments and palaces. Vittorio Veneto has very ancient origins: the neighborhood called Ceneda dates back to Celtic period, while the one named “Serravalle” was founded during Roman Empire. Among the most interesting places to visit in town, there is the Serravalle Roman Castle and district and the “Battle Museum”, which commemorates the First World War ended in Vittorio Veneto.

What to visit?


Cittadella, 45 km away from Valdobbiadene, is a town surrounded by medieval walls. The historical center and the castle are really nice to see. During the year, you can visit the organic market, the flea market and some street art shows.

What to visit?


80 km away from Valdobbiadene you can find Venice, destination of millions of Italian and foreign tourists, due to the beauty of its art pieces and to its unique architectural configuration. A visit to this city, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1987, is highly recommended.